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Dr. Tom Kennedy

Dr. Tom Kennedy is a retired professor of psychology and counseling at Houston Baptist University, specializing in marriage, sex, family, and Christian psychology. He has trained graduate students in methods of effective counseling, and has been a licensed counselor for over thirty years. Tom and his family spent 14 years as missionaries in Japan.  Tom is married and has two adult children and seven grandchildren.  They all live in Houston, Texas.,

"I will be highlighting my own books here in the future, but for now I will be blogging about books I recommend.  Research is stronger than opinion, at least that's my belief, so I will be recommending books that are research based and easy to read.  I do value your opinion, so if you know of or have written a book that offers useful information on marriage and family that is research based just send me the title and I'll take a look.  All recommended books will be posted here.  Peace and grace to you."

Dr. Tom Kennedy

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