A Strategy to Plan and Land That Future Husband

Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others:

The Fascinating Research That Can Land You the Husband of Your Dreams

by John Molloy

A Review By Tom Kennedy

Ladies, what do men look for in a wife?  When are they ready for marriage and when are they just dating?  What should you do in your life to enhance your chances of finding a man you will love and who will love you enough to propose to you.  Ask John Molloy.  His book has valuable answers.

John Molloy is a researcher who tackled this issue by having his associates stand outside marriage license offices and interview couples who just signed up for a license.  His results are told in this easy-to-read book, Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others: The Fascinating Research That Can Land You the Husband of Your Dreams. I suggest that all women interested in marrying read this book.  It will help them avoid “stringers” who have no interest in marriage.

One result of Molloy’s research discovered certain ages in which men are most likely to marry.  Education level has the greatest effect on these ages.  Sometime after its completion most men’s attitudes change positively towards marriage. Molloy gives the ranges for all educational levels.

He also gives advice about dress and attitudes that make a woman appear more of a marital prospect than only a good date.

Molloy states that similarity in many aspects of life make someone attractive.   This fits with ongoing research that similarity is one of the best predictors of a successful marriage.   We know that opposites attract but few stay happily married.

He points out how having a lot of female friends helped a woman find single men to date.  Strange, but true.  I like that Molloy points out that a woman should love herself before dating for marriage.  Insecure and depressed attitudes do not make anyone attractive.

One of my favorite lines from the book is this, “Women who go out a second or third time with a man they are not crazy about at first often end up happily married to them.”

Molloy does talk about one important item in his book.  Cohabiting, in order to see if this is the person you should marry, will likely result in no marriage. Women focused on marriage avoid it.

Researchers have known for decades that cohabiting does not lead to marriage for the majority of people.  Those who do marry have a GREATER chance of divorce than those who don’t cohabit.  Molloy finds that most women who get a man to the altar do not cohabit with him until at least after there is a commitment to marry.

Molloy provides advice about using internet dating sites and how this is helpful for many women who are not very social.  Marrying after 40, as well as marriage to divorced and widowed men is covered.  It is great advice.

Read this book and follow its suggestions.  It is all right to strategize and plan before and during the dating stage.  You will increase your chances for a happy and successful marriage if you do.

Remember this, despite ubiquitous “dysfunctional” couples you see on TV and movies, marriage is a wonderful thing.


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