Unshakeable Hope: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God

By Max Lucado

A Review By Tom Kennedy

Lucado’s new book is a celebration.  It is his 40th one.  As it says on the jacket, “He is American’s bestselling inspirational author….” The book started high on the ECPA top 50 best-selling list of Christian books and at the time of this review is #4.  People love to read Lucado and he continues to inspire.  In this book Lucado uses a promise scripture at the beginning of each chapter, followed by illustrations about how this scripture has worked itself out in the lives of certain individuals.  Lucado illustrates how we, too, can partake of God’s promises and occasionally confronts us about our lack of faith in them and Him. If you are a Lucado fan, you will love this book.  If not, it will still inspire you.

Reviewed on November 2, 2018.


A few of the structural things I liked about the book:

  • Starting each chapter with a “promise” scripture
  • Staying focused on supporting scriptures within each chapter
  • I love that he includes group discussion questions for each chapter at the end of the book.


Great quotes from Lucado’s hardback book:

  • From the first chapter of Scripture, the Bible makes a case for the dependability of God, p. 5.
  • God’s goal is simply this: to rub away anything that is not of him so the inborn image of God can be seen in us, p. 19.
  • Were Satan to read the Bible…he would be utterly discouraged, p. 30.
  • Your spiritual account has been funded….You will never exhaust his resources, p. 38
  • He [God] gave not only forgiveness for your past but also authority in the present and a role in the future, pp. 52-53.
  • Pride is the hidden reef that shipwrecks the soul, p. 64.
  • Because Jesus is human, he understands you. Because he is divine, he can help you, p. 78.
  • You’ve won the greatest lottery in the history of humanity, and you didn’t even pay for the ticket! Your soul is secure, your salvation guaranteed, p. 102.
  • You have never lived one unloved day, p. 123.
  • Fellowship is not always easy, but unity [through the Holy Spirit] is always possible, p. 134.
  • [At the great judgment] From his throne Jesus will forever balance the scales of fairness, p. 145.
  • Your soul separates you from animals and unites you to God. And your soul needs an anchor. Your soul is fragile, p. 156